Ursulines of Jesus

‘The WORD became flesh and made his dwelling among us'

Our Cross

Ursulines of Jesus Cross
Ursulines of Jesus Cross

Before working on the design for the cross Sr. Aurora Perez Blond UJ pondered on the following:

The colour black recalls the passion, suffering, sin, and the men and women who are Christ crucified yet again today. It is broken and irregular. This is the broken world, the barriers, our barriers, psychological blocks - our fears... our idols... all our hang-ups!

Jesus is not there: HE IS RISEN. There is no figure of the crucified Christ - it is the call for us every day to live as resurrected people, Easter people, joyful people.

The colour silver is on top of the black - it shines symbolizing that life is stronger than death. This is the disciples' Easter, our Easter - we are followers of a risen, living Christ.

For us, Ursulines of Jesus, it means that we want to renew the link God has made with his people, each and everyone - a bridge - open arms to welcome. And, particularly for us, the link through Jesus the Word Incarnate in our world, on our earth, in our mission, our community. For this reason on the reverse is written 'verbum caro factum est' – ‘the Word was made flesh’.

To wear this cross is to say 'yes' every day; it is not a piece of jewellery, an accessory worn out of habit. It is to commit us to live in humility, the Incarnation with Jesus, in the midst of the world.