Ursulines of Jesus

‘The WORD became flesh and made his dwelling among us'

The seed that was sown continues to grow

In 2014, after 19 years of ministry in St. John Vianney’s Parish, Alva, Scotland, the Ursulines of Jesus said a sad farewell. Through the years the people had truly appreciated the generous service offered by the sisters. As a sign of their deep gratitude to the Sisters a Plaque to the memory of the Ursulines of Jesus has been placed near the statue of Our Lady asking God’s continued blessing on our mission.  

The plaque reads

Please pray for the wellbeing and mission of the Ursulines of Jesus

Our parish expresses its eternal gratitude for the service                                                                                       

offered by them to us from 1995 to 2014.

‘Ever since God became Man, we meet God in every human face.’

The charism of the Ursulines of Jesus. Amen.

The seed sown continues to grow through the people that we were blessed to touch in our time in Alva.


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