Ursulines of Jesus

‘The WORD became flesh and made his dwelling among us'

General Chapter 2015 L’île Blanche Brittany

Sunday, 5th July, the time had come for sisters from all parts of the Congregation to arrive in L’île Blanche, Brittany for their General Chapter. Many of us had arrived in our Mother House in Chavagnes the day before and travelled by coach to this beautifully situated Spiritual Centre by the sea where the sun and the General Council both gave us a warm welcome.
Monday dawned and in a beautiful setting of bright warm sunshine with the water from the river Durand in the background, we began the opening celebration for the Chapter with a procession from the front steps to a green space at the back, where a beautiful display had been prepared depicting the world we live in.

Everyone took part in the celebration. As we made our way round singing "Wake the world" the aroma of cooking reached us. What a surprise when, as we came close to the water we found that Marie Noel had grilled two fish and with a boat just out on the water the text from St John's Gospel 21:2-13 was read with the invitation to 'bring some of the fish you've just caught ... Jesus went around serving bread and fish.' We had a beautiful moment of reflection before moving to the front steps for the call of the capitulants. At the call of our name we responded to the 'sending' of our Sisters to form the Community of the Chapter representing the congregation and seeking God’s plan for us in this time of grace. 

Each day a different culture prepares our prayer and Eucharist so that we have rich, colourful and meaningful celebrations.
On Tuesday and Wednesday we took another step on our Chapter journey when all the Realities joined in celebrating the memory of the past 5 years. Each Reality found its own way of illustrating their story.

The journey continues and we will share some of it with you in the days ahead.
We are so grateful for all the prayers that are being said. Please continue to remember us.


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